Use the map below, courtesy of the Google My Maps technology, and you will see: 

  • the location of Valemount & highways leading there;
  • the helicopter route between Valemount & Mallard Mountain Lodge; 
  • the 5 valleys of our operating area; 
  • the location of Mallard Mountain Lodge; 
  • the general layout of winter ski & snowboard touring routes with a selection of site specific pictures; and 
  • the general layout of summer hiking routes with a selection of site specific pictures. 


COORDINATES OF MALLARD MOUNTAIN LODGE as derived from NRCan Topographic Map print Athabasca Pass 83D/8
52 degrees, 28 minutes, 30 seconds       North
118 degrees, 15 minutes, 45 seconds     West​

Download NRCan Topographic Map Athabasca Pass 83D/8 at Atlas of Canada - Toporama ​

Our Location

The Mallard Mountain Lodge is located in one of the most PRISTINE & REMOTE areas of British Columbia, on the west slope of the Rocky Mountains. 

The winter brings huge snowfalls of perfect dry powder, while in the summer the high alpine offers hiking above the tree line with incredible Rocky Mountain scenery as the backdrop. 

The area has been dubbed "Punch Bowl" in reference to the historic “Committee Punch Bowl” at the nearby summit of Athabasca Pass. Punch Bowl brings together a vast area of five river valleys, all connecting to the Hugh Allan River, which flows into the mighty Columbia River.

This area was explored by famed adventurer David Thompson of the Hudson’s Bay Company during the fur trade era. 

Access IS EASY

Valemount, British Columbia is the staging point for your 30 minute helicopter flights to & from Mallard Mountain Lodge.

Travel to Valemount is easy.  Here's how. 

Valemount is a comfortable drive (your own vehicle or rental) on all season highways from several international airports, with the following approximate drive times.

  • Kamloops, B.C. (3 1/2  hrs)
  • Prince George, B.C. (3 hrs) ​
  • Kelowna, B.C. (5 hrs) 
  • Vancouver, B.C. (6 1/2 hrs) 
  • Edmonton, Alberta (5 1/2 hrs)
  • Calgary, Alberta (6 1/2 hrs) ​

Secure parking for our guests is available at the Valemount helicopter staging area.

Rail service is available between Valemount & Kamloops, Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary. See Via Rail for details.

Bus service is available to Valemount. See Greyhound Bus for details. 

Valemount has an airport for private airplanes & helicopters. 

​Taxi service is available in Valemount. 

Upon request CAC is available to assist in making transportation arrangements .