WINTER 2018 (dECEMBER 28, 2017 TO mAY 6, 2018)

availability & Reservation Request 

Although some weeks in our seasons as far ahead as Winter 2019 are already fully booked, as a relatively new Lodge our advance reservations are not yet as high as other venues. As such, we still have an excellent selection of vacancies available for you. At the moment, reservations are being made for Summer 2017, Winter 2018, Summer 2018 and Winter 2019

TO CHECK AVAILABILITY FOR WINTER 2018, use the DROP DOWN MENU in first section of the AVAILABILITY & RESERVATION FORM below. The dates of each trip are listed, with current spaces available.


  1. Complete your choice of Winter 2018 dates in the drop down menu of the Availability & Reservation Form below, then complete the rest of the Form, and click the “Submit” button in the bottom right corner of the Form when that button changes from light green to dark green. The change to dark green indicates that all required fields - the ones marked with - have been completed. 
  2. Alternatively, contact us to discuss details. You can email us at, phone us at 250 835 4516, or use the “Contact Us” Form.  
  3. We will then send you a package of information to set up your reservation. 
  4. If there are dates you would like us to hold for you as a tentative reservation while you organize your plans or group to see if the dates will work, please let us know and we will set that up for you.    
  5. For all reservations, see the "Information & Documents" tab in the Availability & Reservations section above.​